We Make Your Events Gorgeous


We at RK EVENTS From 10 years in the sacred city of Tirupati became the trend in organizing the events under the leadership of Mr. TEJA REDDY, a creative and fun loving man of this generation but of great commitment, which helped us to mark our own identity of organizing most spectacular, and memorable events including Wedding events, now a compulsion for the people of Tirupati to have pleasant surprises which marks our uniqueness in the market.

We are organized and well equipped to handle any event in a well organized manner which provides an opportunity to have the best output in escalating both the beauty of the event and having seamless flow without any kind of problems. We do have various departments of our own to look after different aspects of an event and make it a Spectacle.


Wedding Events

Wedding Ceremony is an event which is cherished a life time and to make it the best and more memorable we @ RK Events gives the best thoughts and practices with a little bit of innovation and creativity. We theme and then plan the entire wedding event accordingly and divide the event into proper segments and allocate it to the specific teams which we have who are masters in the trade.

The events which are a part of the wedding ceremony and important to make the wedding special and memorable in entire Wedding Event, which we do take care very much in every tradition which is followed every culture of India irrespective of the religion are:

Birth Day’s Events

We plan and organize a birthday event to be the most remembered and cherished event which everyone wants to happen at least once in their life time. Right from arranging an event from 1st year of a kid to whatever year is asked to be organized in a perfect notion and perfect harmony spreading smiles and memories of the day to last a life time.